School Clubs

These are run by school staff or external coaches. They can vary from term to term and include sports clubs, choir, Computing, Art based clubs, Cookery, Film, Gardening, Homework and Languages. Parents must always give written permission and make arrangements to collect any child staying for an after school session.

A letter detailing the School staff run clubs will be sent out at the start of each half term, it will include the age groups it is offered to, dates, times and who is running the club.

The school also offers a number of externally run Sports clubs including Multiskills (Key Stage 1) and Dance (Key Stage 2).

Peripatetic music lessons are available for Key Stage 2 children, including saxophone, flute, clarinet, guitar and trumpet. These lessons are undertaken during class time.

This half term the school clubs are:

Bootcamp                     (Yr 3-6)                   Wednesday    7.45am-8.45am

GV Football                   (Yr1 -5)                  Wednesday    3.15pm-4.45pm

Bootcamp                     (Yr 1-3)                   Thursday        8.00am-8.45am

Hockey                         (Rec, Yr1, Yr2)       Thursday        3.15pm-4.30pm

Art Club                         (KS2)                    Thursday         3.15pm-4.45pm

Cheerleading                (Yr 1-4)                  Friday             8.00am-8.45am

Dance                           (All Year Groups)  Friday              3.15pm-4.30pm