Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019-2020

In 2011-2012 the Government launched Pupil Premium funding.  It is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.  This funding is aimed at addressing the current underlying inequalities that exist between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more affluent peers.

This money is sent to schools based on the numbers of pupils in the school who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). 

The DFE has given us the freedom to use the Pupil Premium as we see fit, based on the knowledge of our pupils' needs.

From 2012-2013, it has been expanded to include all children who have been eligible for FSM within the last 6 years. This money is allocated to initiatives to ensure pupils reach their full potential, both academically and socially. Funding allocated to our school is shown below

2011-2012        £4880

2012-2013        £9000

2013-2014     £12,600

2014-2015     £18,200

2015-2016     £18,480

2016-2017     £23,600

2017-2018     £28,880

2018-2019     £31,980

2019-2020     £41,180

This money is used to help provide for the following initiatives:-

SEAL/Growth Mindset Groups

These groups support pupils' self- esteem, and help develop children's social and emotional aspects of learning.  They aim to create confident learners who enjoy all aspects of school life.

Teaching Assistant Support/Precision Teaching

To help children have secure knowledge of the basic skills in Numeracy and Literacy. Small Booster and Intervention Groups focus on individual Programmes, addressing any gaps in learning.

Funding School Trips

To enhance the curriculum, ensuring the children are able to participate on trips and to give pupils the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities.

One to One Tuition

To help children achieve their best in Numeracy and Literacy through support on an individual basis.

Funding Club Activities

To ensure the pupils are able to take part and to provide children with the opportunity to develop new skills and experience new challenging activities.

If your child does not have Free School Meals, but may be eligible because of your family's income level, please contact the office (in confidence) to register them. Even if you do not wish them to have the meals, this would mean the school could still claim Pupil Premium funding that may be used to help your child.

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