Special Educational Needs

Our aim is to educate pupils with Special Educational Needs within the existing framework of the whole school. The school’s S.E.N. Policy complies with the Government’s Code of Practice. The procedure of identification, moderation and review of S.E.N. pupils follows the criteria as set out by the Local Authority in their S.E.N. Policy Document.

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Children are entered onto the School’s S.E.N. Register File which is used to record, plan, support and track a child’s progress. Each Class Teacher tailors lessons to cater for all children’s abilities and needs. In many cases arrangements are made for the withdrawal of pupils to receive individual or small group work in Literacy and Mathematics to support the children’s learning.

With the parents’ consent, the school may liaise with external agencies for advice and/or support in meeting the child’s needs.

The School Nurse visits on a regular basis and is available to support concerns about a child’s well-being.

If you have any concerns of your own about your child, we would be grateful if you could share these as soon as possible with their Class Teacher.