N0At Our Lady of the Rosary School all the staff regards any form of bullying as serious. 

We endeavour to deal with it swiftly and appropriately to the benefit of all children.

There are many definitions of bullying, but most have three things in common:

it is deliberately hurtful behaviour

it is repeated often over a period of time

it is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves 


Bullying can take many forms, but three main types are:

physical  -   hitting, kicking, taking belongings

verbal     -   name calling, insulting, racist remarks

indirect   -   spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from social groups

The School has a clear Anti-Bullying Policy which is shared with the pupils regularly.  The School listens to the pupils and encourages them to talk about any worries they may have.

Approved by the Staff and Governors in Spring 2014. Reviewed 2017. Click here to view The Anti Bullying Policy