Our Lady of the Rosary we place a great a deal of emphasis on good behaviour and feel that respectful attitudes to others and also to work are the foundations of an effective school. Children's efforts are praised and their individual need for security and stability is respected. The teachers are firm but friendly and provide a happy and caring atmosphere where pupils develop into confident young citizens, learn to make decisions and be trusted to carry out responsible tasks.

Children are expected to follow school rules. These are vital to ensure the safe and smooth running of the school. Pupils are encouraged to follow these and be responsible for their own actions by a system of rewards and incentives.

The school has several reward systems in place, which may include stickers, certificates or Golden Hour We regularly celebrate the efforts and achievements of our pupils in class at our assemblies.

Pupils who fail to respond positively may have privileges withdrawn and miss playtime or Fun Days. We believe that parents should be kept informed of their child's actions and attitudes in school. We work in close partnership with families and recognise that parental support helps to maintain high standards of behaviour.

In school we use a 'Good to be Green' behaviour system, a green card, a yellow card and red card, which is used across the school to praise and reward good behaviour.

All children start the day with a green card displayed by their name and will remain on green by following the school rules. Pupils who complete a full school week without being given a yellow or red card are rewarded with 15 minutes extra playtime on a Friday afternoon.

Yellow cards are given to those children who may have had a warning and or persistently repeating a behaviour.

Red cards can be given instantly for serious incidents involving swearing, biting, spitting, fighting, damaging property and stealing. The child's name will be recorded in the Discipline File and they will receive a sanction. Parents are always informed if their child has a red card.

Updated and approved by the Staff and Governors June 2019 click here to view the Behaviour Policy