School GIFT Chaplaincy Team 2019-2020

Father Kieren Mullarkey commissioned our eleven newly appointed Year 5 GIFT Chaplaincy Team members during the first Mass of the academic year on 12th September 2019. They had previously been selected for the role after an interview with Father Kieren, Mrs Donohue and Miss Molloy in July. During the interview each applicant was asked challenging questions. 

Father Kieren explained how important it is for each of them in their GIFT Chaplaincy role to tell all in the community that they are wonderfully made by God. Everyone is wonderful, just as God's works are wonderful. 

The GIFT Chaplaincy Team were extremely busy during the Autumn Term. The children led celebrations and class workshops for Our Lady's Birthday(8th) on 9th September.  They visited elderly parishioners led the Harvest Festival in October and All Saints/All Souls and War Remembrance Services in November. They took food parcels to residents in the community. They visited Wood Street Mission in October taking donations of clothing and books. They visited lonely and isolated people in the community and listening to their stories and sharing laughter.  They hope to visit even more homes in the local area in 2020.

They are implementing the Chaplaincy Development Plan 2019-2020. A weekly coffee morning is held each alternate Tuesday in Father Kieren's House after 9.30am Mass. These sessions have commenced since September 2015. We warmly invite all families and parishioners to attend these informal 'get togethers'. Participants have the opportunity to make many friends and join together with the parish.

During 2019-2020 Mrs Ramsbottom and Mrs O'Donnell, will work closely with the Parish Sacramental Team supporting families during this very important year. The GIFT Pupil Chaplaincy Team will help the Year 3 children during their Sacramental Journey. They will use their own experiences to teach the class about their Faith.

The GIFT Chaplaincy Team have this link on our website.  The team report back regularly to the whole school in the Friday afternoon Good Work Assembly.

Chaplaincy Development Plan 2019-2020