Autumn Term 2019

Mon 11th Nov - Remembrance Service

Mon 11th Nov - History Week Commences

Weds 13th Nov - Yr3 Stone Age Visitors

Thurs 28th Nov - Yr3 Prayer Service

Mon 2nd Dec - KS1 Afternoon XmasPlay 

Tues 3rd Dec - EYFS Afternoon Play

Tues 3rd Dec - KS1 Evening Play 6pm

Weds 4th Dec - EYFS Afternoon Play

Thurs 5th Dec - KS1 Craft Morning

Thurs 5th Dec - Xmas Dinner

Thurs 12th Dec - Yr5 Prayer Service

Fri 13th Dec - OLOR Christmas Market

Tues 17th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 1.30pm

Weds 18th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 6pm

Thurs 19th Dec - School Mass 9.30am

Thurs 19th Dec - School Disco

Fri 20th Dec - School Closes 2pm

Spring Term 2020

Mon 6th Jan - School Reopens

Tues 7th Jan - KS1 Parent SAT Meeting

Wed 8th Jan - OLOR Open Morning

Thurs 9th Jan - School Mass

Fri 10th Jan - Yr1 Parents Meeting

Tues 14th Jan - KS2 Parent SAT Meeting

Thurs 23rd Jan - Yr6 Wax Museum

Fri 24th Jan - Golden Mile Fitness Test

Fri 24th Jan - Yr6 Wax Museum

Tues 28th Jan - Lego League Tournament

Weds 29th Jan - Lego League Tournament

Weds 29th Jan - Yr5 Robinwood Residential 

Weds 29th Jan - Young Voices Concert

Mon 3rd Feb - International Week

Weds 5th Feb - Interim Reports

Thurs 6th Feb - Break the Rules Day

Fri 7th Feb - Yr2 Assembly

Fri 7th Feb - School Closes

Tues 18th Feb - School Reopens

Weds 19th Feb - Yr3 Bake Off 

Fri 21st Feb - Yr1 Assembly

Mon 9th March - OLOR Science Week

Weds 11th March - Wellbeing Award Verification 

Thurs 12th March - Yr3 Assembly

Tues 17th March - Spanish Party Arrive

Fri 20th March - Reception Assembly

Mon 23rd March - Nur/Yr5 Stations of the Cross

Tues 24th March - Rec/Yr6 Stations of the Cross

Tues 24th March - Spanish Party Depart

Weds 25th March - Yr2/Yr3 Stations of the Cross

Thurs 26th March - Yr1/Yr4 Stationsof the Cross

Tues 31st March - Yr2 Palm Sunday Re-enactment

Weds 1st April - Yr3 Last Supper Re-enactment

Thurs 2nd April - Yr6 Garden od Gethsemane 

Fri 3rd April - Charity Big Breakfast 8.15am

Fri 3rd April - Yr4 Crucifixion 1.15pm

Fri 3rd April - School Closes 2pm

Summer Term 2020

Mon 20th April - School Reopens

Thurs 23rd April - Yr5 Resurrection

Fri 24th April - Yr1 Parents Meeting

Sun 3rd May - Parish May Procession

Fri 8th May - Bank Holiday

Mon 11th May - SAT week

Tues 12th May -Yr4 Bake Off

Fri 15th May - OLOR Yr6 Trip to Spain

Sat 16th May - OLOR Holy Communion

Tues 19th May - OLOR Yr6 Return from Spain

Weds 20th May - Sports Day 1

Thurs 21st May - Sports Day 2

Fri 22nd May - Health and Fitness Day 

Fri 22nd May - School Closes 

Mon 8th June - School Reopens

Thurs 11th June - Yr4 Assembly

Thurs 18th June - Yr5 Assembly

Fri 19th June - Reception Prayer Service

Tues 23rd June - Yr5 Bake Off

Fri 26th June - Inter-schools Athletics Event

Thurs 2nd July - Nursery Assembly

Fri 3rd July - Golden Mile Fitness Tests

Weds 15th July - Yr6 Play 1.30pm

Thurs 16th July - Yr4 Prayer Service

Thurs 16th July - Yr6 Play 6pm

Mon 20th July - Yr6 Bikeability 

Tues 21st July - Yr6 Bikeability

Tues 21st July - Leavers Mass

Weds 22nd July - School Closes 2pm