Summer Term 2019

13th June - Yr3 Assembly 2.45pm

14th June - Reception Prayer Service

14th June - Yr5/6 Little Sleep Out for Cornerstone

17th June - Yr5 Spanish/Secondary Meetings

18th June - Yr3 Trip Blue John Cavern

18th June - Yr4 Loreto Science Visit

20th June - Yr2/3 Singing Mrs Bray/Loreto

20th June - Nursery Meeting 3.20pm

21st June - Yr5 Assembly

23rd June - Walk to School/Church Week

24th June - St. Ambrose Primary Mathematics Challenge

25th June - GIFT Chaplaincy Celebration

25th June - Yr2 Parish Mass 9.30am

25th June - Growing in Faith Together Celebration Day

25th June - Yr5 Bake Off

26th June - KS1 Inter-School Athletics - Woodhouse Primary

27th June - Yr4 Recycling Centre

28th June - KS2 Inter-School Athletics - Longford Park

4th July - Nursery Assembly 2.30pm

5th July - Yr6 Parish Schools' Retreat

6th July - Parish Festival on the Field

9th July - Yr1 Parish Mass 9.30am

10th July - Yr2 Visit to Knowsley Safari Park

12th July - OLOR Bootcamp Day

13th July - Parish Family Bootcamp Day

16th July - Yr4 GIFT Chaplaincy Interviews

17th July - Yr6 Play 1.30pm

18th July - Yr6 Play 6.00pm

22nd July - Yr6 Crocky Trail

22nd July - Yr4 Prayer Service

23rd July - School Mass 9.30am

23rd July - Yr6 Reconciliation

24th July - Yr6 Leavers Family Mass 6.00pm