Autumn Term

4th Sept  - Yr1-6 Autumn Term Commences

7th Sept  - School Mass 10.30am

8th Sept  - Reception Class Commences

8th Sept - Our Lady's Birthday Celebrations 2pm

11th Sept- Nursery Class Commences

12th Sept - Yr5 attend Parish Mass 9.30am

15th Sept - Own Clothes PTA Jar Collection

20th Sept - Yr1 Parent Curriculum Meeting 3.00pm

21st Sept - Yr5 Prayer Service 3.00pm 

22nd Sept - Own Clothes PTA Chocolate Donations

28th Sept - Yr1 Prayer Service 3.00pm

29th Sept - Own Clothes PTA Bottle Donation

30th Sept - Autumn Fair 12.00 onwards

3rd Oct - Yr4 attend Parish Mass

5th Oct - NACE Challenge Award Celebration/Parents to tour EYFS Unit 2.30pm

6th Oct - Our Lady's Feast Day Mass 2pm Procession and Refershments will Follow

9th Oct - Tables/Number Class Challenges

10th Oct - Yr6 Bake Off 1.30pm

13th Oct - Rec visit to Church 1.45pm

15th Oct - Rec/Yr6 Buddy Mass 9.30am

17th Oct - Rec/Yr6 attend Parish Mass

19th Oct - Parents' Evening 3.20 - 6.00pm

20th Oct - Nursery Prayer Service - 2.45pm

 Autumn Term 2

 31st Oct - School Re-opens

 1st Nov - All Saints Mass 9.15am

 6th Nov - History Week

 21st Nov - Yr3 attend Parish Mass - 9.30am

 1st Dec - Yr3 Advent Assembly - 2.45pm

 5th Dec - Yr2 attend Parish Mass - 9.30am

 5th Dec - Reception Play - 2.00pm

 6th Dec - KS1 Play - 2.00pm

 7th Dec - KS1 Play 6.00pm

 8th Dec- KS2 Reconciliation/Service 11.15am onwards

 15th Dec - Nursery Nativity 2pm

 15th Dec - OLOR Christmas Market 3pm-5pm 

 19th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 1.30pm

 20th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 6.00pm

 21st Dec - School Mass 9.15am 

 21st Dec - School Closes 2.00pm