Autumn 2018

24th Sept - Individual Photographs

24th Sept - Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 2.30pm

25th Sept - Islam Assembly and Workshops

27th Sept - Yr4 Visit to Manchester

28th Sept - PTA Chocolate Donations Own Clothes

28th Sept - Yr1 Prayer Service

29th Sept - PTA School Fair

1st Oct - Key Stage 1 Maths Calculation Meeting

2nd Oct - Yr5 Parish Mass

2nd Oct - Yr6 Bake Off

4th Oct - CAFOD Assembly/Yr1/2 Workshops

5th Oct - Yr6 St. Antony's Enterprise Day

8th Oct - Class Tables/Maths Challenge 

9th Oct - Harvest Festival - 2pm

11th Oct - KS2 Maths Calcualtion and Mastery Parent Workshop 

12th Oct - Reception Visit to Church 1.15pm

14th Oct - Rec/Yr6 Buddy Mass 9.30am

15th Oct - Nurse Drop In Sessions

16th Oct - Yr6 Live Audience Blue Peter

16th Oct - Yr4 Parish Mass

18th Oct - Parents Evening 

19th Oct - PTA Talent Show 6.00pm

30th Oct - Yr3 Parish Mass

31st Oct - Nursery Visit to Church 1.15pm

1st Nov - All Saints/All Souls Service 2.30pm

4th Nov - Nursery Welcome Mass 9.30pm

5th Nov - OLOR History Week

12th Nov- War Remembrance Service 2.30pm

13th Nov - Yr2 Parish Mass

22nd Nov - Yr2 SAT Meeting 2.30pm

23rd Nov - St. Mary's/OLOR Tables Challenge

27th Nov - Yr1 Parish Mass

29th Nov - Yr3 Prayer Service 3pm

29th Nov - Yr5/6/EYFS Choir at Over 50's

2nd Dec - Yr3 Presentation Mass

4th Dec - KS2 Reconciliation

4th Dec -  EYFS Nativity 2pm

5th Dec - KS1 Nativity 2pm

6th Dec - Christmas Dinner Day

6th Dec - KS1 Nativity 6pm

11th Dec - Rec/Yr6 Parish Mass

13th Dec - School Mass 9.30am

13th Dec - Yr5 Prayer Service 3.00pm

14th Dec - Christmas Market 2.00pm

18th Dec - KS1 Craft Morning

18th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 1.30pm

19th Dec - EYFS Craft Morning

19th Dec - KS2 Carols Around the Tree 6.00pm

20th Dec - School Disco 

21st Dec - School Closes 2pm

Spring 2019

7th Jan -  School opens

8th Jan - Open Morning 9.30 - 11.00am

16th Jan - Yr6 SAT Meeting 2.30pm

17th Jan - Yr2 Curriculum Meeting

18th Jan - Yr1 Curriculum Meeting

28th Jan - e-safety Week

29th Jan - KS2 Gymnastics Competition

29th Jan - 1st Feb  Yr5 Robinwood

4th Feb - International Week

6th Feb - KS1 Gymnastics Competition

8th Feb - Yr2 International Assembly

19th Feb - Yr5/6 Current Affairs Quiz

26th Feb - Yr3 Bake Off

1st March - OLOR/St. Mary's Spelling Bee

6th March - School Ash Weds Mass 9.15am

7th March - Yr6 Wax Museum 2.00pm

8th March - Yr6 Wax Museum 2.00pm

11th March - OLOR Science Week

14th March - PTA Fashion Show

20th-27th March - Spanish visit OLOR

21st March - Nursery Prayer Service

25th March - Nurs/Yr5 Stations of the Cross

26th March - Yr1/4 Stations of the Cross

27th March - Yr2/3 Stations of the Cross

28th March - Rec/Yr6 Stations of the Cross

29th March - Reception Assembly

2nd April - Yr2 Palm Sunday 2.45pm

3rd April - Yr3 Last Supper 2.00pm

3rd April - Parents Evening 

4th April - School Mass 9.30am

4th April - Yr6 Garden of Gethsemane 2.45pm

5th April - Big Breakfast 8.00am

5th April - Yr4 Crucifixion 1.15pm

5th April - School Closes 2pm

Summer Term 2019

23rd April - Yr4 Bake Off

25th April  - School Mass 9.30am

3rd May - Yr1 Curriculum Meeting 2.30pm

13th May - SAT Week

17th-21st May - Yr6 Spanish Exchange

18th May - Holy Communion Mass 11.30am

19th May - Thanksgiving Mass 11.30am

22nd May - OLOR Sports Day 1

23rd May - OLOR Sports Day 2

24th May - Yr4 Assembly

7th June - School Pentecost Service 2.30pm

13th June - Yr3 Assembly 2.45pm

14th June - Reception Prayer Service

21st June - Yr5 Assembly

25th June - Yr5 Bake Off

26th June - KS1 Inter-School Athletics 

28th June - KS2 Inter-School Athletics

4th July - Nusery Assembly 2.30pm

11th July - Yr3 Assembly

12th July - Bootcamp Day

17th July - Yr6 Play 1.30pm

18th July - Yr6 Play 6.00pm

19th July - Yr6 Crocky Trail

22nd July - Yr4 Prayer Service

23rd July - Yr6 Reconciliation

24th July - Yr6 Leavers Family Mass 6.00pm

25th July - School Mass 9.30am